Open GPIAS can be installed in different ways, you can choose the one which is the most comfortable for you and the operating system you are using.

Windows Installer

If you have no Python installation and just want to get started, our installer is the best option for you. Just download and execute the following installer:

Download: Installer

This will install the miniconda environment, if it is not already installed and download the open_gpias conda package.


Open GPIAS will be by default installed in a new conda environment called _app_own_environment_open_gpias.

Python Packages

If you are already familiar with python and have a python installation, you can choose one of the following ways:

  • If you are in a conda env: conda install -c conda-forge -c dlidstrom -c rgerum open_gpias (recomended)

  • Or with python install

We recommend the conda installation, as this should always be the newest version of Open GPIAS.

Developer Version

If you want to have Open GPIAS installed from the repository and be able to update to the newest changesets, you can follow this guide. First of all you need to have mercurial installed (Mercurial). Then you can open a command line in the folder where you want to install Open GPIAS and run the following command:

hg clone

To install the package with all dependencies, execute:


in the downloaded repository directory.